Meghan Tschanz

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We Are a World-Changing Movement.

You passionately believe that the human trafficking and the oppression of others has got to end.

Some have called you too much. They call you a dreamer with your head in the clouds. They tell that you’ll never change the world.

But you see things differently. Where others see limitations, you see potential. You trust that anything is possible when God gets involved.

You believe in the power of justice, the strength of hope, and the world-changing capability of love.

But in this world it’s easy to forget your brilliance. You need someone to push you to change the world in that way that only you can.

That’s what this space is. That’s what I do.

I will give you permission to love God with your everything and do the exact things that He is calling you to do — no matter how wild or crazy it feels to you or anyone else. I will inspire you to let you know that human trafficking can end and world change can happen.

And it starts with you.

If you have story you’d like to share or submit, send it to me, and together we’ll fight women’s oppression and human-trafficking, for good.

About Meghan

I am Meghan. I believe passionately in story; after all it only took one story, that of a five-year old girl, to completely change my life and it only takes one to change yours. Stories leave us in their wake, transformed and thinking differently.

That’s why I am here; to show the world and to show you that women are intrinsically worthy and full of change-the-world potential.

We will be a rumbling movement of people who are witnessing and encouraging a generation of women and girls to rise into their destiny whether it is in the mud-huts of Africa, the brothels of India, the bars of the Philippines or the shopping centers of America.

The stories that you’ll read about here are the stories that will change the world. The people that you’ll meet here are the ones that will spur us to action.

This space is our table is for you and me to gather; to weep, to laugh, to hear, to lean in and to get inspired so we’ll leave here empowered to change the world.

If you feel that spark in your heart and you know you’re in, I have three little things for you to do!

First step, go here to subscribe to my blog and receive my ebook on What Wikipedia Can’t Tell You About the Sex Trade . Second step, find me on social media (Meghan Tschanz) or send me an email to say hello! Third step, give yourself a high five you just took another step forward to changing the world.

Together, we’re going to do this.

What People are Saying

Your writing touched my heart in a dark time last summer. —Sarah

Your writing is so incredibly honest and beautiful.  You speak the truth, you speak from the heart. —Danny

Your article encouraged me to keep on and believe that in spite of what I might see or feel, I have to believe that the Lord is somehow still using me. —Daniel

Your blogs bring so much life and joy to me. You articulate the things I can’t find words for. It’s so refreshing and freeing. —Natalie

I am passionate about international children ministries, and reading about your travels helped me get through that period of waiting. And for that, thank you! Thank you for your vulnerability, your ministry, and your willingness to be moved and used by God. It has taught me much.  —Evie

You are such a lighthouse, helping others find their way in the darkness, when they’re in the rough sea & land feels so far away. But you’re there, quietly & faithfully shining light on the rough sea. —Anna

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