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Today is the first day of Autumn and the weather today could not be more fitting. The changing leaves stand out bright against an overcast sky and a warm gentle breeze rustles the leaves. It feels like home. And there is nothing like home. No, I am not talking about your house. I am talking […]

What I will be doing in Australia



Australia. I have wanted to go there all of my life. There is something about that place that has always appealed to me. Maybe it is the kangaroos and the beach. Or maybe I am just meant to go there. So I am going, doing the very thing I was created to do. Love God […]

A Full Cup

Life. In so little words, could be described as rich, full, beautiful. Each day is a gift and I believe the power to make the day worth it, rests solely in our hands. Recently I met a girl down here in Costa Rica who has a defibulator implanted in her chest. She has a condition […]



Costa Rica… home again

I feel so at home here, living in community, doing God’s will and having everyday filled with purpose. Despite the roaches that still love crawling on me in my sleep, I wouldn’t change anything for the time that I get to spend here. Life here is life to the full, eating Mondongo (cow stomach), laughing […]

A Moment of Distraction

I was finally working on my homework, when a friend of mine posted something about Jon Foreman on Facebook, I got distracted and read his blog, what I read distracted me in the best possible way. Jon Foreman wrote a blog called “Goodness Precedes Greatness” where he spoke of unsung heroes that live their life […]

My voice only sounds good when I am singing to God.

Life. is. good. How often we forget that. It is so easy to forget all that is good in this crazy, messed-up world. But whenever I feel myself beginning to stray, God pulls me back. And half the time I have a bajillion things rushing through my head, like what I am going to do […]

God is real… in case you forgot

He is. He was. He always will be. That is for sure.