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A Full Cup

Life. In so little words, could be described as rich, full, beautiful. Each day is a gift and I believe the power to make the day worth it, rests solely in our hands. Recently I met a girl down here in Costa Rica who has a defibulator implanted in her chest. She has a condition […]



Costa Rica… home again

I feel so at home here, living in community, doing God’s will and having everyday filled with purpose. Despite the roaches that still love crawling on me in my sleep, I wouldn’t change anything for the time that I get to spend here. Life here is life to the full, eating Mondongo (cow stomach), laughing […]

A Moment of Distraction

I was finally working on my homework, when a friend of mine posted something about Jon Foreman on Facebook, I got distracted and read his blog, what I read distracted me in the best possible way. Jon Foreman wrote a blog called “Goodness Precedes Greatness” where he spoke of unsung heroes that live their life […]

My voice only sounds good when I am singing to God.

Life. is. good. How often we forget that. It is so easy to forget all that is good in this crazy, messed-up world. But whenever I feel myself beginning to stray, God pulls me back. And half the time I have a bajillion things rushing through my head, like what I am going to do […]

God is real… in case you forgot

He is. He was. He always will be. That is for sure.