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Trust the Story.

trust the story

The other day all our staff got an email, alerting us all that some of our long term missionaries  in the Middle East were in a life and death situation. As a staff, we dropped everything that we were doing to pray. Huddled in the foyer of our building we began pray passionately for their […]

How Women Freed From the Sex Trade Are Bringing Freedom to Others

  In the beginning of June 2014 my Kingdom Journeys team and I stepped off of a plane into the hot, humid Filipino air and driven to Angeles City; a city known for its estimated 15,700 women and children stuck in the illegal sex trade. When we went to the bars, I didn’t get my […]

Why Fear Never Works Out the Way You Plan

The other day I was overcome by fear. You know, the mind racing, hands shaking, stomach rolling kind of fear. It was Tuesday, and Tuesdays are my crazy days. They are jam-packed full of meetings, with my boss, with my apprentices, and with my students. Each meeting reminds me of how much more I have […]

Why I Hold God to His Promises.

Lately I’ve been shouting God’s promises back at him. Because I need them to be true for me and I need them to be true for others. I need his promise of provision (Philippians 4:19) to be true. When the money doesn’t seem to be coming in for my fundraising goal, I need to believe […]

2014 Was About Overcoming Mountains.

A good friend of mine and my writing mentor posted this prompt this morning, challenging his readers to reflect on 2014 and to set goals for the new year. I have been reflecting on my past year for the last several months, but his post made me want to go back and discover what I […]

To Those With a Wanderlust Soul.

This morning I rubbed my sleepy eyes and reached for my phone (an absolutely terrible habit that I must break). Waiting for me was my new Timehop. For those of you who don’t know Timehop is an app on your phone that shows you what you posted on social media, since the beginning of social […]

Why I cliff jump and reasons I love being home.

If there ever were a lover of life I think my friends and family would all agree it would be me. But life can be really hard sometimes and I recently walked through a good, but very challenging season.