Meghan Tschanz

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What Our Fears About Ebola Say About Us.

Ebola is all over the media lately, you can’t turn on the TV or Radio without hearing about it. You can’t even log on to Facebook without it inundating your newsfeed. Everyone has their opinions about Ebola and whether or not we are danger, whether or not we are at risk and in danger. There […]

Buckets and New Beginnings

And sometimes you just need a bucket of water dumped on your head to wash you clean and to remind you that each day is new, alive and twinkling.

Without her, Africa would fall apart.

I am sorry this one is a little late in coming, I just didn’t know how to say it. I don’t know how to communicate what I saw in Africa, though this post falls short of communicating whatever is inside me, it is a start. There is one thing I am sure of after two […]