Meghan Tschanz

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How to Change the World.

A couple of weeks ago I had a conversation with a person who was frustrated with how things were going in our country and our world. She listed injustice after injustice, things that were truly horrible. But as she spoke she kept saying we just have to wait for the old system to die out […]

The Story Isn’t Over.

  Six months ago I was living in Thailand near the top floor of a cafe that stretched seven stories. I was there for two months and my job was simple: love on people, especially those who worked in the thriving bar scene. Every morning I woke up and prayed I would be found useful there, […]

Happy Mother’s Day.

I love mothers and I love Mother’s day. Especially because most of the millions of things mothers do out of love go unnoticed, slipping by without a thanks or an acknowledgement. But on one magical Sunday in May all of that changes and people remember everything that their moms have done for them, the millions […]