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Why it’s Better to Give than Receive

Have you ever heard the phrase it is better to give than receive? Yeah, I remember hearing that all the time as a kid, especially around Christmas time. Giving was the message in all those wonderful, sappy Christmas movies and the phrase echoed by the adults around me. My mom would hand me a wrapped […]

From Slave to Liberator: Sonya’s Story – Part 3

This is part of a series about Sonya, a Filipina woman who went from slave to liberator. Make sure to read part one and part two first. Sonya quieted as I held her, exhausted from crying, she took a deep breath that gave her the resolve to go on. In the hot room she continued to tell […]

From Slave to Liberator: Sonya’s Story – Part 1

I first met Sonya* at the 2014 Girl’s Getaway. She was among a blur of faces that week, girls and women who had been offered a week of rest and relaxation in Puerto Galera far from the blaring music and flashing lights where they spent most of their nights in the bars, dancing for potential customers. […]

Your “Like” Isn’t Helping

your like isn't helping

I try to keep as well-read as possible. When I was in school for Journalism I had a class and they would regularly quiz us on world events. This was important because as future journalists we had to remain informed. How are we supposed to stay relevant if we don’t have any idea what is […]

Trust the Story.

trust the story

The other day all our staff got an email, alerting us all that some of our long term missionaries  in the Middle East were in a life and death situation. As a staff, we dropped everything that we were doing to pray. Huddled in the foyer of our building we began pray passionately for their […]

How Your Expectations Can Change Lives.


The other day I was listening to NPR’s This American Life broadcast about expectations and the first question they posed was: Do you think your private thoughts in your head could influence how a rat moves through space? Think about it. Do you think the thoughts you have towards a rat could it influence in […]

2014 Was About Overcoming Mountains.

A good friend of mine and my writing mentor posted this prompt this morning, challenging his readers to reflect on 2014 and to set goals for the new year. I have been reflecting on my past year for the last several months, but his post made me want to go back and discover what I […]

The Story Isn’t Over.

  Six months ago I was living in Thailand near the top floor of a cafe that stretched seven stories. I was there for two months and my job was simple: love on people, especially those who worked in the thriving bar scene. Every morning I woke up and prayed I would be found useful there, […]

God’s promise.

I currently live in a small, pink, three bedroom house with 29 women and children. It’s crowded, I sleep on the living room floor and I usually get woken up at 6 am with the giggles and talking of women, followed by a one-year-old boy who likes to run around screaming with my belongings in […]

The Lie We All Believe

He walked her to the bar and she did the talking. He was about 55, white, slightly overweight and even from a distance I could tell he was unsure of himself. She appeared the opposite, young, Thai, beautiful, confident and doting on the older man, wiping his face with a cloth to catch the perspiration […]