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From Slave to Liberator: Sonya’s Story – Part 2

This is part of a series about Sonya*, a Filipina woman who went from slave to liberator. Read part one of her story here. In the hot, humid room a fan made a feeble attempt to cool us down. All of us had sweat pouring from our brow as we sat on floor mattresses. As […]

From Slave to Liberator: Sonya’s Story – Part 1

I first met Sonya* at the 2014 Girl’s Getaway. She was among a blur of faces that week, girls and women who had been offered a week of rest and relaxation in Puerto Galera far from the blaring music and flashing lights where they spent most of their nights in the bars, dancing for potential customers. […]

To the boy on Bangla- A letter to men who purchase sex.

There’s this road in Phuket, Thailand called Bangla home to over 400 bars. It feels like Las Vegas on steroids with dancing girls on every bar. If you were observant you could see trafficked eastern European women in glass cages, drugged and wearing masks, high above the bars. They were for those men willing to […]

Righteous Anger.

My point is that we can all do something. No matter your financial situation or how busy you are. You can all be the change that you wish to see in the world.

The Pursuit

Sunsets are no longer a blend of atmospheres, they are paintings drawn with the most expert of hands. Stars are no longer specks in the sky, it is a beckoning to believe in something greater. The ocean is not a large mass of water, it’s a burgeoning wonder that relaxes and excites at the same time, mountains are not heaps of stones but a call to adventure.