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From Slave to Liberator: Sonya’s Story – Part 3

This is part of a series about Sonya, a Filipina woman who went from slave to liberator. Make sure to read part one and part two first. Sonya quieted as I held her, exhausted from crying, she took a deep breath that gave her the resolve to go on. In the hot room she continued to tell […]

How Your Letters Changed Lives.

My life has been soaked in stories lately, they cover me from head to toe, written on my skin and my heart. Almost as if when you can look at me you can see them, see the Lord’s goodness, and his great love. But for those of you who cannot see me, whom I cannot […]

Trust the Story.

trust the story

The other day all our staff got an email, alerting us all that some of our long term missionaries  in the Middle East were in a life and death situation. As a staff, we dropped everything that we were doing to pray. Huddled in the foyer of our building we began pray passionately for their […]

How Your Expectations Can Change Lives.


The other day I was listening to NPR’s This American Life broadcast about expectations and the first question they posed was: Do you think your private thoughts in your head could influence how a rat moves through space? Think about it. Do you think the thoughts you have towards a rat could it influence in […]

What to do When Your Friend Wrecks Your Car.

  When your friend wrecks your car. Two days ago I let a very dear friend of mine borrow my car because hers was broken. I gave her the keys without a second thought and told her to have fun.  An hour later I got a phone call that no one expects to get when […]

Why Fear Never Works Out the Way You Plan

The other day I was overcome by fear. You know, the mind racing, hands shaking, stomach rolling kind of fear. It was Tuesday, and Tuesdays are my crazy days. They are jam-packed full of meetings, with my boss, with my apprentices, and with my students. Each meeting reminds me of how much more I have […]

Why I Hold God to His Promises.

Lately I’ve been shouting God’s promises back at him. Because I need them to be true for me and I need them to be true for others. I need his promise of provision (Philippians 4:19) to be true. When the money doesn’t seem to be coming in for my fundraising goal, I need to believe […]

How to Change the World.

A couple of weeks ago I had a conversation with a person who was frustrated with how things were going in our country and our world. She listed injustice after injustice, things that were truly horrible. But as she spoke she kept saying we just have to wait for the old system to die out […]

Why Weddings Are Always Worth It.

Around a year ago today one of my close friends, Christina, pulled me aside and asked for my advice. A boy had just asked her out, it was one of our friends and she wasn’t sure if she should say yes. At this point she wasn’t sure if she could imagine kissing him. I encouraged […]

God’s promise.

I currently live in a small, pink, three bedroom house with 29 women and children. It’s crowded, I sleep on the living room floor and I usually get woken up at 6 am with the giggles and talking of women, followed by a one-year-old boy who likes to run around screaming with my belongings in […]