Meghan Tschanz

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My Friend Was Murdered.

  Yesterday, I learned that my friend was murdered. I don’t mean to say it so matter of factly. It is just that the most horrible thing that could have happened to her did, and I don’t really know what to do about it. My day was a confusion of shock and normalcy. After I […]

The Story Isn’t Over.

  Six months ago I was living in Thailand near the top floor of a cafe that stretched seven stories. I was there for two months and my job was simple: love on people, especially those who worked in the thriving bar scene. Every morning I woke up and prayed I would be found useful there, […]

How a Letter I Never Gave Found it’s Subject

On a hot, muggy night in Thailand about 2 years ago I saw a man my age down the bar from me on Bangla Road. It’s a road with blaring music and flashing lights with over 400 bars on it with about 20 times that many girls and women available for purchase, for an hour, […]

To the boy on Bangla- A letter to men who purchase sex.

There’s this road in Phuket, Thailand called Bangla home to over 400 bars. It feels like Las Vegas on steroids with dancing girls on every bar. If you were observant you could see trafficked eastern European women in glass cages, drugged and wearing masks, high above the bars. They were for those men willing to […]

My love affair with Thailand.

I remember when my love affair with Thailand began. Young and naive, I was a freshman in college, thirsty for more out of life. I wanted to know why I was alive and what my purpose was. And in a way that only Thailand could, it quenched my thirst. I stepped off of the plane […]

The Lie We All Believe

He walked her to the bar and she did the talking. He was about 55, white, slightly overweight and even from a distance I could tell he was unsure of himself. She appeared the opposite, young, Thai, beautiful, confident and doting on the older man, wiping his face with a cloth to catch the perspiration […]

Buckets and New Beginnings

And sometimes you just need a bucket of water dumped on your head to wash you clean and to remind you that each day is new, alive and twinkling.